Jewish Women and the
Feminist Revolution

Jewish Women’s Archive


This online exhibition explores Jewish women’s key roles in building and advancing the modern American women's movement, and the impact of feminism on the American Jewish community. Based on personal artifacts and short essays from 74 leading Jewish feminist activists, this project contributes to the emerging history and historiography of Second Wave feminism and the 1960s-1990s.

Reviews & Comments

“The Jewish Women’s Archive has created this interactive site, which explores the role of Jewish women in the feminist revolution. Visitors can elect to move through the materials on the site by following a timeline, viewing a number of themes, or searching the entire collection. Some of these compelling themes include ‘Confronting Power,’ ‘Feminism and Judaism,’ and ‘Setting the Feminist Agenda.’ The timeline is a good way to peruse some of these documents and experiences, as it includes information on such luminaries as Sally Priesand (the first woman rabbi in America) and the First Conference on Jewish Women in 1973.”

— Scout Report