The Genographic Project

National Geographic

In this project for National Geographic, visitors can explore the history book hidden within their genetic code. Using DNA samples collected from across the world, population geneticists are creating an ever-more detailed map of how humans got from Africa to every corner of the globe. In the ultimate interactive experience, visitors can even submit samples of their own DNA and explore the routes of their own ancestors, right on the web site. Behind the scenes, the client is able to use a customized content management database that allows them to update the site based on the latest results of this global project.


Webby Award — Science
Webby Award People's Voice — Science
CODiE Award
USA Today Hot Site
Yahoo! Daily Pick 


“On behalf of the National Geographic Society I would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for the monumental contribution you have made to the design and development of the Genographic web site. This has been an unprecedented project, large in scope and visibility, and one that we could not have accomplished without a partner of Terra Incognita’s caliber.”

— Lauri Hafvenstein, Executive Producer

“Our hats are most sincerely off to the designer who worked out the presentation of this material in an absolutely clear format that you just can’t stop clicking through.”

— USA Today