African Voices

National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution


This online exhibition explores the diversity of human cultures in Africa from the dawn of civilization to the present. Above all, the Smithsonian wanted the online exhibition to surprise people by showing them an Africa that is modern, diverse, and global. In this online exhibition visitors can walk through a noisy African marketplace, enjoy Afropop music, listen to the words of enslaved people from the Diaspora, explore many different meaning of wealth, and much more.


Communication Arts Interactive Annual
HOW Interactive Design Annual (Best of Show)
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Graphis Interactive Design 2
Step-by-Step Design Annual
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Reviews & Comments

“The competition judges singled out African Voices especially for its dynamic, interactive nature. ‘This site is absolutely brilliant,’ raves Deke McClelland. ‘Highlighted by killer organization and strategic use of Flash and media, it tells its story effectively and engagingly.’ … Judge David Glaze calls the site ‘an exceptional piece of work, clever and restrained in its use of Flash, well-organized, and thoughtfully designed.’”

— HOW Magazine

“African Voices is an outstanding Internet showcase that truly does justice to the countries it represents.”

— Britannica