Becoming Human

Institute of Human Origins


Becoming Human is a ground-breaking original documentary experience that explores the question — What makes us human? Guided by Dr. Donald Johanson, who discovered the Lucy skeleton in 1974, guests can walk through a paleontological dig, meet leading scientists in the field, and trace the evolution of the human species over the last four million years. The site combines in 30 minutes original documentary with nearly fifty connected hands-on exhibits for deeper learning.


Webby Award Winner — Science
I.D. Interactive Media Design Review — Gold
Scientific American SciTech Award
USA Today Hot Site
Yahoo! Daily Pick
Exploratorium Cool Site
Flash Film Festival
Step-by-Step Design Annual
Graphis Interactive Design 2

Reviews & Comments

“Why wait for interactive TV to get good when Becoming Human already shows us how it’s done on the Web?”

— I.D. Magazine

“Terra Incognita has unearthed the missing link between television and the Web.”

— Create Online

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My students are so excited by your site, they are accessing it from home and showing it to their friends. You are a hit on campus. Not an easy task with 15 and 16 year olds. Well done.”

— Visitor to Becoming Human