JDC Archives


Comprising the organizational records of JDC, the overseas rescue, relief, and rehabilitation arm of the American Jewish community, the JDC Archives houses one of the most significant collections in the world for the study of modern Jewish history.

With records of activity in over 90 countries dating from 1914 to the present, the JDC Archives is an extraordinary and unique treasure in the archival world. The JDC Archives is located in two centers, one at JDC’s NY headquarters and the second in Jerusalem, and is open to the public by appointment.

On this site, visitors can view galleries, exhibits, and topically arranged content; learn about the documents and finding aids, photos, artifacts, films, oral histories, and indexed names available in JDC’s collections; and conduct research in their online database.


The site incorporates over 100 gallery and exhibit stories, with more than 3000 photos and video assets. JDC manages these stories using our Storycrafter platform.


Each exhibit is given a distinctive graphic style, to better support its story.


JDC also invites visitors to help identify persons in their photos. A visitor can use a selection tool to locate the person in a photo, which is then added to JDC’s Storycrafter database.