Jimmy Carter
Library and Museum


Three interactive experiences for the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum explore the life and legacy of the 39th President of the United States.

Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope is an 18 foot interactive table that tasks visitors with completing humanitarian missions across the globe, from eradicating Guinea worm disease in Ghana to monitoring elections in Indonesia.

In Archives Adventure visitors dig into primary source records—documents, photographs, letter, and more—from the archives to help researchers.

Three different Timeline interactives give visitors the opportunity to explore important moments in the life of Jimmy Carter, from his childhood in rural Georgia, to his political career, to his work with the Carter Center.

Produced By

Cortina Productions


MUSE Award

Reviews & Comments

“Interactive software can teach. This table is proof: adults and children can travel around the world, engage in projects, help humankind, fight disease, without leaving the building. It is a complete learning experience—and the designers maintain an attractive interface—it works for children but also engages adults, there is a possibility to go deeper. Great example for new tools in museums.”

— American Association of Museums