Time and Navigation Explore the connections between accurate timekeeping and navigation in this new Smithsonian exhibition.
Storytelling Devices in Interactive Documentary

Bart will be speaking on a panel about interactive storytelling in online documentaries at this year's SXSW Festival.

March 2013
The Life of Art wins MUSE Award

The Life of Art iPad app received a 2012 MUSE Award at this year's annual AAM conference in Minneapolis.

May 2012
MUSE Award for Science Storms

The Fire: Combustion interpretive installation in Science Storms has received a Gold MUSE award. The judges said it is a "fabulous example of the happy collision between the real and the virtual, using digital tools to look at real phenomena in a new way." Congratulations to the entire team!

May 2011
2011 Webby Nominee
Freedom Riders is a Webby Nominee

Cast your vote! Freedom Riders—a website for PBS's American Experience—has been nominated for a Webby Award. I designed the interactive map that follows the routes of the Freedom Rides in the summer of 1961.

April 2011